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Manage Your Liabilities. Control Your Future.

What is a "liability"?

In the financial world, a liability is the future sacrifice that you are obligated to make to others as a result of past transactions; which may result in the transfer of assets to others that would have otherwise yielded economic benefits to you in the future.

The amount of money that is going to pass through your hands in your lifetime is finite. 

Use it wisely.

What can Treasure State Advisors do for you?​


Financial Literacy 


Provide you access to critical financial education.


Cash and Liability Mastery


Help you with perspective around financial decisions when making purchases of various financial products including mortgages and others.​


Financial Control 


How to manage cash flow and borrowing in a way that maximizes your capitalization and wealth position.






Karen Goff

Certified Liability Advisor

When I started in the mortgage industry in 2019 I noticed that loan officers are uniquely positioned to see both sides of a person’s balance sheet.  I was frustrated with the prevailing industry mindset that only looks at eligibility (what is the maximum mortgage this person can get) without looking at suitability (does this really meet their long-term goals).  I wasn’t comfortable with that approach, so I invested time and money to become a Certified Liability Advisor through the National Institute of Financial Education. 

Being a CLA allows me to have a very different conversation around borrowing and I realized that a balance sheet should often be looked at as three sided.  For most people their home is both the biggest asset and the biggest liability they have.  Managing the debt associated with that can have a huge impact on their financial future.  I love to strategize with customers to look at the best way to leverage their real estate to best meet their long term objectives.    










Jon Stone Goff

Financial Control Advisor

I'm not interested in money, per se, nor am I interested in the concept of retirement. I am, however, interested in you having as much control over your life and financial future as possible. 

I use what I know to help clients with their thought-processes and behavior around money and wealth. If their behaviors are appropriate regarding liability management, then they are more likely to achieve their desires whether that’s with investments for retirement, more financial freedom, more choice and control in their life, or creating a true legacy more than just passing along an inheritance to the next generation.

Gold Liquid

Our Podcast

The Treasure Trove

A "valuable find", and hence a source of treasure, or a repository of valuable information.


These conversations will accomplish two things -  help you manage your liabilities and control your financial future.




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