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Financial Literacy

All-in-One Mortgage 

Mortgage interest can be one of life’s biggest financial obstructions. The All In One Loan was developed as a solution. By combining banking functionality with home financing into one dynamic instrument, borrowers are able to save tens of thousands of dollars and years off their loan. For more information, email Karen.

Cash and Liability Mastery

An introductory course designed to bring peace to your financial journey.  The course condenses key financial concepts into an easy-to-understand roadmap that you can use with a Certified Liability Advisor™, like Karen, to succeed in the game of financial literacy. For the rest of the course, click here.

What Is Enough?

These videos look into the heart of how we create rules and then play the game of money, time, and life energy. The videos can be completed quickly but the course will take you about 30 - 90 days to do all the money awareness exercises. Click here to access the course and all of the videos.

Circle of Wealth

Your circle of wealth consists of three types of money: accumulated money, lifestyle money, and transferred money. Your circle may be bigger than some, and smaller than others. If you want understand how to grow your circle, then click here for the full video.

Personal Economic Model

The “Personal Economic Cash Flow Model” will give you a visual picture of how money flows. This video is designed to view your money from a different perspective than you have ever seen before. What you learn may help you to increase the overall efficiency of how you manage the most important part of your financial life called cash flow. Click here to see the video that will help you visualize this process.

Private Reserve Strategy

What is the Private Reserve Strategy? It is a way to look at how money works. It is a strategy designed to help you develop or improve your financial position by avoiding or minimizing unnecessary wealth transfers where possible, and accumulate an increasing pool of capital you can access and you control. Click here to learn more.

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